Your supply chain is a vital part of your company, large or small, especially if you’re an e-commerce company. But if your orders are starting to overtake your company’s daily operations, it may be time to start looking at for a 3PL company to help.

3PL Shippers In Connecticut getting loaded

If your company has never considered using a 3PL shippers, or are getting ready to take the leap into 3rd party logistics, you probably have a number of questions. One of them might involve who else might be working with a 3PL company. So who else is doing this?

  • E-commerce companies, especially B2C
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Large retailers (i.e., Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.) that offer also omni-channel purchasing methods and faster shipping
  • Startups and small businesses that have e-commerce and batch order needs
  • Small businesses that ship orders and inventory using truck freight
  • Amazon third-party sellers (brands and manufacturers)

Other industries that are ideal for 3PL supply chain management include:

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare, if for no other reason, for the temperature control
  • Food and dairy, for the same reason, and to ensure absolute product freshness
  • Retail, to help reduce inventory and reduce warehousing needs
  • Construction and home improvement, to help with workflow, project and materials management, oversee distribution, order management, and other things associated with building
  • Hi-Tech Electronics, for both inbound and outbound logistics as well as warehousing and repackaging, to ensure oversight of the product’s entire lifecycle with the special attention electronics need
  • Hotels and hospitality, to ensure that inventory management and operating supplies are not only available as needed, but that equipment, fixtures and furniture costs can be managed with a 3PL system.

Why Should Your Company Use 3PL Shippers in Connecticut?

A 3PL company can manage a small or large part of your company’s supply chain, as well as multiple pieces of the chain. Using a 3PL provider means that your company’s logistics and supply chain will be managed efficiently and more productively.

Other reasons to use a 3PL company:

  • Cost efficiency/savings through relationships with freight brokers and carriers means lower rates, less returns and lost sales.
  • Reduces overhead for things like warehousing and other related expenses.
  • Flexibility, and the ability to scale your services up and down as needed.
  • Increased capacity through collaboration with other carriers
  • Expertise, such as forecasting and inventory management software that gives visibility to the entire tracking process.
  • Continuous improvement and optimization through modifications to connections in the process as needed. This also means time saved when an expensive mistake needs to be fixed.

Let 3PL Worldwide Handle Logistics, Transportation, Customer Service, And More

3PL Worldwide offers all these services and more. Our experienced support personnel are ready to help you with as much of your supply chain as you need. From customer service to transportation, storing and shipping, 3PL Worldwide can cover you in Connecticut all the way to California. If you’re ready to make the leap into 3PL, contact us today at (888) 456-1920 or use our online contact form.


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