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Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time

The Highest Standards and the Most Flexibility for Order Processing

No matter what multichannel retail method you use, 3PL has you covered with the best in order processing systems.

For catalog and e-commerce — 3PL uses Escalate Retail from Ecometry, the Internet Retailer award-winning catalog and e-commerce order processing platform. Purchase orders are entered directly into 3PL’s system which enables Ecometry to provide over 700 reports on everything from product offers and credit card processing to SKU locations and inventory management. From beginning to end, we provide tracking for all your analytical needs.

For direct response — Only 3PL has OrderTrax for processing your multi-pay and continuity programs. Fast and flexible, our system has been custom built to create the ultimate order processing platform for direct response marketers. 3PL is always thinking “outside the box” and how to better serve our clients. OrderTrax allows us to be extremely agile in an ever-changing industry.

Extensive data mining tools — Drill through all of your data at the touch of your fingers. Know what offers are working and which need to be changed. With 3PL’s flexibility, you can run your data reports at the end of the day and have adjustments implemented the very next morning. You can also have most reports generated automatically and have them emailed directly to your email or PDA account. We make is easy for you to succeed.

Flexibility: the core of 3PL’s order processing systems — We process tens of thousands of orders each day from a variety of formats. Whether mail order, batch processing, integrated e-commerce or real-time in our call center, your customers’ orders flow into 3PL’s system at scheduled or real-time intervals, allowing same day shipping. 3PL has established relationships with all the major ISOs and processing platforms including PayPal, Authorize.Net, TransFirst, Chase Paymentech, as well as with specialized merchants. We directly transmit your order data files to save time and minimize processing fees.

Safe and Secure — At 3PL, security and PCI compliance are a top priority for us. We make sure that all of our systems adhere to the latest security standards and firewall protection. All of our servers are redundant, encrypted and backed up daily so that you never lose an order.

Fast. Flexible. — That’s the 3PL way of making sure you get the best in order processing.

Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time.