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Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time

Fast and Flexible Order Fulfillment Services

3PL Worldwide carefully orchestrates product fulfillment to make sure your customers are shipped the correct items and with all contents intact…all within 24 hours.

We use our OrderTrax and Escalate Retail (Ecometry) order fulfillment systems to get product into your customers’ hands as quickly as possible, thereby reducing customer service contacts and increasing cash flow. Our product fulfillment systems send order confirmation emails and shipping confirmation emails with tracking numbers, so your customers can see the status of their shipment. By being proactive and keeping customers informed about their orders, 3PL reduces the number of order status call inquiries. This reduces your overall order fulfillment cost in addition to encouraging repeat buyers.

All packing slips are placed on top of the merchandise so your customer knows exactly what is inside. Order forms for accessories and sales items are included so you don’t miss a marketing opportunity.

Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time.