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Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time

Superior Inventory Management Tracks Product Every Step of the Way

3PL Worldwide’s inventory management systems track your inventory’s every move. Plus, supply chain outsourcing allows multichannel marketers to minimize overhead costs and maximize speed.

Starting at warehouse delivery — Your inventories are verified upon receipt in 3PL’s warehouses. They are then entered and located in bulk or prime picking locations for order fulfillment. All stock movements are tracked at the item level, giving you full visibility into your inventory.

Onto warehouse movement — Based on bin characteristics, our inventory management system tracks product orders and moves the needed amount from our bulk locations to prime picking locations, keeping picking productivity at its highest. All stock adjustments are tracked by user and full accounting is available in our reporting system at the item level.

Until product reaches your customer — Our highly sophisticated inventory management system keeps track of your purchase orders and the costs associated with every shipment and return. We know the exact cost of the item at the order level, so that you know how your campaigns are doing, right down to the penny.

3PL becomes your supply chain outsourcing partner and works with you to minimize inventory costs. We take every precaution to ensure you are never caught without enough product or with the wrong mix of inventory. Keeping apprised of your inventory helps you to plan manufacturing and marketing programs.

Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time.