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Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time

Experts in Auto-Ship and Continuity Plans

Weekly. Monthly. Bimonthly. Free Trial Offers. Whatever your auto-ship time frame, 3PL has the flexibility to process and fulfill your continuity plan orders. We recognize how crucial reporting is to the success of a continuity plan. We provide you with the essential data you need to track performance, all in real-time. No delays. No guessing. It’s the data you need to make fast decisions.

Auto-ship processing and fulfillment — Our OrderTrax database leads the industry in pulling all future recurring transactions for processing and fulfillment on your customized schedule. Need to know what to order or how much you can expect in sales next month? Our reporting will give you the answers. 3PL’s real-time campaign reporting is essential to the success of auto-ship programs.

Complete web-based reporting — 3PL’s real-time transactional data helps clients manage their continuity plans and gauge retention and attrition rates. Our continuity tracking report contains detailed analytics, cycle by cycle and can be requested in variable date ranges so that you can correlate continuity orders with specific marketing initiatives and media spends. Tracking reports that detail exactly where your customers are in the cycle/auto-ship process can show you how long your customers are “sticking.” Quickly spot retention trends to adjust offer scripting, product configuration, price point testing and cycle length.

Better reporting = Better forecasting — Only at 3PL will you find Mission Control. Our unique web-based reporting site is much more than a dashboard; it provides clients with instant access to 3PL’s futures-based forecasting tools. Make informed decisions using forcasted data drawn from real-time transactions on upcoming campaign events in both orders/units and revenue dollars. Get accurate projections for cash flow and inventory planning. Together with our detailed cancellation/refund and decline reports, 3PL clients have all the relevant metrics to measure the health of a campaign at their fingertips.

Save a Sale – the Final Piece — Close the operational and administrative loop on auto-ship campaigns with our multichannel Customer Service. 3PL is your partner in customizing retention programs and save-the-sale programs to maximize recurring transaction revenues. We work hard to keep your customers coming back.

Creating Happy Customers, One Order at a Time.