In the US, getting things on-demand has become an everyday experience. Food and other deliveries, ridesharing, and things like mobile oil changes and mobile pet care are “on-demand” services we may take for granted. But in 3PL, on-demand transportation is a little different.

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Using a 3PL company to take care of your shipments frees up your company’s resources to concentrate on your core business. Outsourcing your supply chain to a 3PL company that specializes in transportation and logistics makes economic sense for you, your company and your customers. You don’t have to keep up with the latest trends in transport, knowing that the company you’ve contracted with are the experts.

When dealing with regular shipments and storage, a contract with a 3PL company works well. But if your company finds itself with an extra shipment, or don’t have a need for regular shipping, a 3PL contract may be money you don’t need to spend. However, there is a solution.

On-Demand Transportation

Many 3PL companies can offer as-needed shipping, called “On-Demand Transportation.” It means exactly that—transportation on demand when you need it.

Rates may or may not be the same as the company’s published rates, and are frequently discounted. You’ll have the advantages of a 3PL company, but without a logistics department. And for on-demand, you also won’t have to sign a long-term contract to have one load of goods transported.

Shipping goods directly to their destination, instead of to storage, also saves the costs of warehousing.

Different Types Of Shipments

The on-demand model includes these types of shipments:

  • FTL, or “Full Truck Load”
  • LTL, or Less than Truckload”
  • “Hotshot,” an exclusive and direct courier
  • “Next Flight Out,” also referred to as “Best Flight Out” commercial airline shipping
  • Expedited services:
    • Direct, exclusive courier
    • Immediate delivery or “just-in-time” (JIT)
  • International Expedited

If you only ship goods occasionally, companies that specialize in on-demand may be a suitable option. But many 3PL companies also offer on-demand service, and you’ll have the advantage of working with a company can offer a comprehensive approach as well as possibly getting you a better deal.

Let 3PL Worldwide Cover For Your On-Demand Transportation

An unexpected need for additional transportation doesn’t have to be a problem. We’re experts at getting your shipment from one place to another. Call us when the time comes.

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