A company that calls itself a 3PL (“third party logistics”) company can mean a wide range of things. From freight forwarding to brokering services and warehousing, these are just some of the services provided under the title of 3PL.

3PL semi-truck in foreground, containers stacked on loading dock in background.Why choose a 3PL in Connecticut? It’s close enough to major shipping routes to provide timely customer service. It’s also far enough from the high-traffic areas of New York and New Jersey that have frequent delays and congestion. A 3PL in Connecticut is a lot closer than it would be to California, where a large number of company facilities are located.

3PL companies in Connecticut offer all of these services and more. But can they offer everything your company needs?

3PL Services

Third-party logistics companies offer a wide range of services, including:

Different companies may offer some, or all of these services, and can do them less expensively than having an in-house department for your supply chain.

3PL Is Scalable And Efficient

3PL Company Businessman with ipad in front of a port and loading dock with many colored containers being loaded.One of the advantages of hiring a 3PL company is that you can vary your level of service with your current needs. For instance, if your company experiences a spike in orders, such as holiday shopping or after sudden publicity, you can ramp up your warehouse storage to accommodate those orders, and the transportation needed to go along with it.

Since supply chain management is what a 3PL company is all about, companies are always updating and optimizing for maximum efficiency. Their IT environment is regularly refreshed and updated, ensuring the latest software systems.

Working with a 3PL also opens you up to an entire network of providers that you might not otherwise have access to on your own.

So How Many Are There?

A quick search from two different websites indicate that there are a total of 19 companies, including 3PL WorldWide Each company offers a different set of services, and not all have the same services.

When choosing a 3PL provider in Connecticut, you’ll have to make decisions about what your company needs. Will you need your entire supply chain and ordering outsourced, or simply shipping and warehousing? What if you need a call center and customer service for your business when your orders increase? Not every 3PL company offers these services, and you may find yourself in need of another company for outsourcing your customer emails and phone calls.

Of all the 3PL companies in Connecticut, 3PL Worldwide offers all these services and more—and if we don’t, we can find it for you with our experienced support personnel.

Let 3PL Worldwide Handle Logistics, Transportation, Customer Service, And More

We’re experts at handling part or all of your supply chain, from customer service to storing and shipping. Want to know how our Connecticut 3PL company can help your organization succeed? Contact us today at (888) 456-1920 or use our online contact form.

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