Once you’ve decided on going with a 3PL (third-party logistics) company to handle your supply chain, you presume that your product shipments are going to be completely safe in their warehouse. When you request information on how they keep your merchandise secure, there should be more than a security guard at the front entrance to guard shipments.

How Do 3PL's Protect Their Customers Merchandise In Their Warehouses In Connecticut?While a security guard is a good start, sophisticated thieves with a penchant for freshly delivered cargo continually find ways to outsmart security systems and procedures. This is where warehouse security becomes a vital part of your supply chain, ensuring that your merchandise is safe and properly handled before it reaches your customers.

The Vital Link: Protecting The Cargo

Cargo thieves are skilled at working with security protocols to defeat them and steal cargo. The most common types of freight stolen are food and clothing, but any type of cargo product can be susceptible to theft. Due to the larger number of transportation available (ports, rail, etc.), Texas, Florida, California, New Jersey, and Georgia reported the most thefts of shipments in 2015.

Surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access control are the top ways to prevent cargo theft. Employee security training, particularly where drivers frequently come and go, can also cut down on cargo theft when they can properly identify drivers and other individuals.

Third-party security firms that specialize in warehouse security can add an additional layer of security. Many warehouse security companies offer off-site monitoring of CCTV surveillance cameras as well. Some firms also offer auditing for 3PL warehouses. As a customer, you can also request a warehouse security company to conduct an audit to ensure that you are being given the correct credit for shortages and damages.

Some Questions To Ask

When discussing a 3PL company’s warehouse security, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their security measures and procedures. Some you can ask include:

  • Are your warehouse employees badged?
  • Do you have closed-circuit cameras in the facility? Who monitors them, and for how long? (i.e., all day, all night, 24/7)
  • How is the perimeter maintained? (things such as fencing and guard stops into the facility)
  • How are packages and products tracked in the warehouse cycle?
  • How are drivers monitored going in and out of the facility?
  • Is your warehouse suitable for food-grade freight? (If your company deals with food or food-related product)
  • What kind of background screening do you use for hiring employees? (inside pilferage is one of the top theft methods.)
  • How often do you investigate shrinkage?
  • How often do you conduct distribution audits? What about unannounced security audits?
  • What happens if my cargo is stolen or mishandled?
  • Can I tour your facility?

It’s important to know how your merchandise shipments are being treated and protected while they’re out of your immediate control. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Trust 3PL Worldwide For Your Warehouse Needs

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